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Bow River Boats Water Predator FFO270 One Man River Boat

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Product Descriptions

The Water Predator FFO270 kick boat is probably the finest frameless kick boat available today. They have been fine-tuned with over 9 years of experience. Also known as one man river or lake boat.

This little rugged 9’ boat is ideal for the rivers and lakes, using either fins, oars or optional motor mount. Perfect boat to get into those hard to reach areas. Folds into a back pack for areas not accessible by other boats. Total weight inside carry bag approximately 27 lbs. (Boat only)

Boat is constructed with 0.9mm PVC. Extra re-enforced under the pontoons with an additional 0.9mm PVC strip. Capacity is 600 lbs. Tubes are 55" circumference at the bow and 48" at the stern. Back storage area is 23" by 28", and the front open kick area 35". Handles on inside and bow of boat. Steel clip 4cm D rings for added strength.

  • 0.9mm High quality Korean PVC and Fibreglass Mesh Construction
  • Hot welded and overlapped seams provide a super strong bond
  • 15 Minute set-up time
  • One Year Warranty
  • 600 lbs weight limit
  • White water class 2
  • Can float in only a few inches of water
  • Includes: 
    • 2 piece lock-in aluminum oars
    • motor mount
    • kayak seat
    • repair kit
    • mess back storage cover
    • foot pump
    • carry bag
    • 2 x 6" aluminum slide in base
    • foot strap
    • rod holder

    There are three ways you can fish. 

    1. Using the lock-in oars gives you comfort to come and go as you please.
    2. Using fins keeps you completely hands free while drifting down the river.
    3. Using a motor. The removable motor mount is excellent for trolling with a small motor. (Motor not included)