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Shimano MCR-4000GTPA Moocher Plus Mooching Reel


Shimano MCR-4000GTPA Moocher Plus Mooching Reel

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The Shimano Moocher Plus GT Reel is an excellent choice when looking for salmon mooching reels. With all-graphite construction, the Shimano mooching reel delivers fun fishing action for anglers who enjoy the non-casting style of drop-fishing. Not only is it a great option for salmon, it will also deliver big results when fishing for trout and walleye as well.

Model Gear Ratio Bearings Spool Capacity (Mono) Spool Capacity (Braid) Weight (oz.) Max. Drag (lb.) Hand Retrieve
MCR4000GTPA 0 20/520 50/880 17.2 5 Right 

Special Features

This Shimano 4000 GT mooching reel features a waterproof Dartanium drag, rubber handle grip, and right-handed retrieve. Along with a weight of 17.2 oz., this reel has a 14" line retrieval rate and 5 lb. max drag limit. Also included within this reel is a mono capacity of 520/20 and 420/25; with a braided capacity of 880/50, 570/65, and 445/80. Buy one of these Shimano reels today and go mooching!

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