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Fishman 350 Boat Set

Fishman 350 Boat Set

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Product Descriptions

If you are looking for a comfortable, light and inexpensive boat to use at your cottage for fishing,sun seeking and exploring the area, Fisherman is an ideal choice for you. Fishman is easy to inflate and deflate - your boat will be ready to go within 10 minutes. Compact and lightweight it is simple to store and transport in the trunk of your car. An outboard motor bracket is optional if you want to add a motor to increase the versatility of the boat.

  • 2 main chambers on hull for extra security
  • Quick inflation & Deflation screw valve
  • All around grab rope
  • inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
  • Durable oar locks and oar holders
  • Fishing rod Holders
  • 2 Seat cushions
  • Additional gear pouch for storage
  • can be configured with electric motor