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Gibbs Croc

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Fire Orange Black Wing
Hammered Brass Fire Stripe
Hammered Brass Metallic Perch
Silver Scale
Chartreuse Fire Wing
Red Hex
Cerise/Clear Crystal
Hammered Nickel Fire Stripe
Fire Tiger
Nickel Fire Stripe
Rainbow Trout Nickel Back
Silver Hex
Blue Scale
Nickel Fire Wing
Brass Fire Stripe
Blue Hex
Copper Fire Stripe
Green Hex
Paddy Wagon
Fire Orange Clear Crystal
Copper Fire Wing

Product Descriptions

Other Information: The Gibbs Croc is a must have lure for any fisherman. Its fantastic wobbling action drives fish wild whether cast or trolled. With over 600 sizes and color combinations, a Gibbs Croc will work in any fishing situation. The Gibbs Croc is fitted with top quality split rings, swivel and a single hook.
  • Gibbs Delta Croc Spoon has a fantastic wobbling action that drives fish wild
  • Fitted with top quality split rings, swivel and a single hook
  • Ideal for casting or trolling
  • Available in assorted colours and sizes