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Igloo Havasu Tumbler

Item Id: 213427
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Product Descriptions

This high capacity, easy to fill product will allow you to take your favourite hot or cold beverage anywhere without the fear of leaking or spilling. Designed with high quality foam insulation, this dishwasher safe, cup holder friendly tumbler will be your favourite on the go companion.
  • Leak Proof - Flapper locks open and closed keeping it both secure and leak proof.
  • Foam Insulated - High quality Foam Insulation for maximum performance.
  • Threaded Lid - Designed for hot and cold liquids.
  • Thumb Perch - Designed for maximum comfort and easy gripping.
  • Welded Body - Inner and outer bodies are permanently welded making this tumbler dishwasher safe.
  • Fluid Channel - Engineered for the perfect pour.