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Peetz 5" Artist Series Engraved - Salmon Catch


Peetz 5" Artist Series Engraved - Salmon Catch

SKU 225115


"Salmon Catch" depicts an eagle with a salmon caught in its talons and continues our 2017 Artist Series theme of the "Chain of Life" - meant to raise awareness of the importance of healthy salmon stocks to the survival of the majestic West Coast species that rely on them. As with all of our Artist Series fishing reels, a portion of the purchase price of every "Salmon Catch" reel is directed to salmon conservation and habitat restoration projects via the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Mr Hunt's design has been carefully converted into a digital file and is then laser engraved on the face of the reel prior to final finishing. The result is one of the most striking reels ever to be trolled on the West Coast! This reel will only look better and better as it ages and the wood develops a patina that can only be created by time on the water.

"Salmon Catch" is engraved on the popular PEETZ 5" Evolution model of reel featuring a one-way drag mechanism. Not only does the reel look incredible, but it offers smooth roller bearing operation, modern functionality, and outstanding performance.

 Model Gear Ratio Bearings Spool Capacity (Mono) Spool Capacity (Braid) Weight (oz) Max. Drag (lb) Hand Retrieve
RE-EV5001R-0411 30/400 50/600 Right
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