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Shakespeare Catch More Fish 2 Youth Spinning Kit

Shakespeare Catch More Fish 2 Youth Spinning Kit

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Product Descriptions

With a Shakespeare® Catch More Fish® Youth combo, anglers will have everything they need to enjoy a day on the water. In addition to a Shakespeare® rod and reel, the combo also includes top brands in bait and line – Berkley® PowerBait® and Stren®.

  • Perfect for young anglers!
  • Includes Berkley® Gulp® waxies, spinner grubs, live bait tackle and tackle box
  • 5'6" medium light rod
  • 30 size spinning reel
  • Pre-spooled with Stren line
  • Youth
  • Bait:
    • Berkley® Gulp® Waxies
  • Tackle:
    • 2 - Spinner Grubs
    • 6 - Grubs
    • 5 - Hooks
    • 5 - Split Shots
    • 2 - Bobbers
  • Float Rig
  • Attach bobber to line on the top and bottom. Adjust the depth of the bobber by sliding it up and down the line.
  • Tie a long shank hook or bait holder hook to the end of the line, a palomar knot works best.
  • Crimp a split shot weight onto the line a few inches above the hook.
  • Attach a Gulp!® Waxies or live bait to the end of the hook.
  • Fishing Tips
  • One of the most successful techniques for catching fish is using Gulp!® or live bait under a float. Many species of fish stay together in groups, so when you catch one there are usually more in that area. Try adjusting your bobber to different depths until you find where the fish are feeding. Keep a close eye on your bobber and when it begins to move or goes under, pull back to tighten your line, but do not jerk.
  • Jig Head
  • Insert the hook into the nose end of the grub.
  • Thread the bait onto the hook. When the hook reaches the middle of the bait, push the end of the hook out of the bait.
  • Slide the bait towards the head of the jig.
  • Fishing Tips
  • A jig head is one of the most versatile fishing techniques. Once the bait hits the water lift your rod tip up and reel in slightly, then let the bait fall back down. Also, try to add a little twitching action to the bait by jerking the rod slightly as you lift it upward. Make sure to keep the slack out of your line so you can set the hook when a fish bites.
 Model Fishing Style Rod Length Power Pieces Reel Capacity (Mono) Bearing Count Hand Retrieve
CMF2YOUTHSP Spinning 5' Medium Light 2 4/255 R or L