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Shimano Sedona Front Drag Reel

Shimano Sedona Front Drag Reel

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Product Descriptions

The new Sedona FI is the first in Shimano's lower end price point models to include cold forged HAGANE gears. The drag power has also been upgraded and the gear ratios increased, meaning the series has models for everything from light freshwater to heavier offshore species in the larger models. Additionally, weight has been reduced significantly across all sizes to reduce fatigue during long days of casting or jigging.

Model Gear Ratio Bearings Spool Capacity (Mono) Spool Capacity (Braid) Weight (oz.) Max. Drag (lb.) Hand Retrieve
SE1000FI 3+1 2/270 15/85 7 R or L
SE2500HGFI 3+1 6/200 15/145 9 R or L
SE4000XGFI 3+1 8/240 30/170 24 R or L
SEC5000XGFI 3+1 10/240 30/200 24 R or L
SE6000FI 3+1 12/265 30/290 22 R or L