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Vileda 2 pk Actifibre Cloth


Vileda 2 pk Actifibre Cloth

SKU 206072


The Vileda Actifibre Multi Surface Cloth integrates a new generation of microfibre that will revolutionize your cleaning routine! For perfect results in one single wipe, it combines the superior absorption of a sponge cloth, the cleaning performance of a microfibre cloth, and the efficiency of a glass window cloth. The Actifibre Cloth absorbs and retains liquids like no other, leaving your surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean. The Actifibre Cloth is soft to touch and easily rinses clean, plus it leaves no trace of wet smears. It is more durable than most microfibre cloths, and it is suitable for multiple surfaces such as wood, stainless steel and ceramic. Try it on any mess! Tackle honey, jam, sauce and even juice without the use of chemicals!

  • Next Generation Microfibre
  • Combines the super absorbency of a sponge cloth.
  • Cleaning Performance of a microfibre cloth.
  • Provides a streak-free shine of a glass window cloth.
  • No wet smears!
  • Soft to Touch.
  • Easy to  rinse.
  • Multi surface (wood, stainless steel, ceramic, etc.).
  • Long-lasting cloth – lasts longer than most microfibre cloths.
  • Machine washable.
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