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Vileda Powerfibres Soap Dish Brush


Vileda Powerfibres Soap Dish Brush

SKU 213685


Designed for fast and efficient dishwashing. The Vileda Powerfibres Dish Brush Soap Dispenser features a scrubbing base with durable bristles to easily scrub dirt away and a second angled scrubber on top that gets in the hard to clean areas. Food particles are rinsed away easily keeping the brush fresh and clean thanks to antibacterial silver ions built in the brush bristles. Save time and money by simply filling the refillable handle with dish soap before tackling the dishes!

  • Rectangular-end scrubbing brush with built-in scraper.
  • Easily remove dried on, cooked and embedded dirt on pots and pans.
  • Antibacterial bristles prevent the proliferation of odour-causing bacteria.
  • Easy-to-refill, detergent-dispensing handle.
  • Rubber push-button for easy soap dispensing.
  • Ideal for washing dishes and cleaning the sink.
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