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Vileda Pure Machine Wash Gloves


Vileda Pure Machine Wash Gloves

SKU 173283



Protect your hands without triggering the symptoms of latex allergy while you see to your household chores thanks to the 100% nitrile, latex-free composition of Vileda’s Pure gloves. In addition to a fresh and clean scent, their cotton lining and textured coating provide better grip that will let you achieve results up to your highest standards! Whether you need to clean your counters, wash dishes or tackle any other task, your Vileda Pure gloves will bring comfort to your busy hands! What’s more, their innovative composition makes them uniquely machine-washable!

  • Machine washable gloves.
  • Always clean and fresh.
  • Made with completely latex-free nitrile.
  • Textured coating for better grip.
  • 2 sizes available (small/medium and large/extra large).
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